Fourth Quarter Sales Leaders Announced By WEICHERT,房地产经纪人®– Rebhan & Associates

Charlotte, N.C. / Jan. 10, 2017 – WEICHERT,房地产经纪人®– Rebhan &位于夏洛特的联营公司自豪地宣布,根据已完成的顶级房地产交易,他们的2016年第四季度销售领导者。他们是:凯莉·布莱顿,伯纳黛特·霍洛威,凯蒂·范·多宁克,玛丽·艾尔斯和汤米·威廉姆斯。

“Carrie, Bernadette, Katy, Mary and Tommy work exceptionally hard every day to provide their clients the best real estate service available,” said Kathleen Rebhan, owner/broker of WEICHERT,房地产经纪人®– Rebhan &员工。 “他们对房地产行业的持续承诺和对客户需求的关注是他们被认为是成功销售季度的原因。我们很高兴认识到他们的成就。”

WEICHERT,房地产经纪人®– Rebhan & Associates offers a complete menu of real estate services including a fully-staffed Relocation, Property Management, REO and Short Sale division as well as their Senior Preferred 服务 Division. WEICHERT,房地产经纪人®– Rebhan & Associates is also a Certified Diversity Supplier for Real Estate 服务 for the Charlotte metropolitan area. All their agents are Relocation-Certified REALTORS in North and South Carolina and have other specialties available to clients. WEICHERT,房地产经纪人®– Rebhan &合伙人公司(Associates)为客户带来了数十年的房地产专业知识,是Weichert Realty Affiliates,Inc.的独立拥有和经营分支机构。

For more information about WEICHERT,房地产经纪人®– Rebhan &位于北卡罗莱纳州夏洛特市Fairview Road 6000 Suite 104套房的员工,请致电704-553-7777与Kathleen Rebhan联系或访问